There are many fake memory card sellers on eBay and other eCommerce sites. How do you spot a fake micro sd card and know which brand micro sd card to buy? Are you having issues with the card?

not authentic

not authentic

authentic product.

authentic product
  • Fake micro sd card test
  • how to check fake micro sd card
  • how to spot a fake micro sd card

free software package called H2testw

  1. Test your Micro SD Card with a German TOOL called h2testw. You must test atleast 1/3 of the capacity of the memory SD and testing full 100% is recommend.
  2. IF The results message states, “The media is likely to be defective.” this means your card is fake micro SD card.

Bundling (Front side).

As specified prior, if the card you are purchasing is 64GB or higher, yet the bundling said “MicroSDHC” or “SDHC”, then this is fake.

The lion’s share of fake SD cards have poor bundling and missing design components contrasted with their firsts.

For instance, all Samsung-like fake cards never demonstrate limit on the bundling, while unique Samsung does.

Additionally, now and then bundling does not coordinate with the card. I saw same dealer who had bundling with “Sandisk Ultra”, however the card inside had “Sandisk Extreme” on it. This is fake as well. I even saw a few cards where bundling said “Class 10”, however the card had “(6)” on it. That is another motivation to trust this is fake.

What’s more, obviously, if the bundling said “MicroSDHC”, yet the card has “SDXC” logo or another path around, this is fake.

Bundling (Back side).

The rear in some cases may have a considerable measure of stories to tell. One of most effortless approaches to check is to get the UPC and search for the journalist item alloted to it. On the off chance that the item does not coordinate with what the bundling said, this is fake.

Likewise, you can simply search for incorrectly spells on the posterior. It appears like when the bundling is duplicated from the first, all writings is replicated physically so there are a few mix-ups amid re-writing. On the off chance that you know different dialects which are incorporated on the back of the bundling, then your most logical option to check there in light of the fact that non-English interpretations as a rule have more issues like that.

Card (Front side).

To begin with, check to ensure the group of card matches with its ability. For instance, SDXC logo must be available on all cards 64GB and higher. On the off chance that it doesn’t coordinate, this is fake.

Additionally, you can keep an eye on the maker’s site to perceive how the card resembles. For instance, I saw a few Sandisk 128GB Micro SD cards shaded uniquely in contrast to the first Sandisk as appeared on Sandisk site (that is in spite of appearing “SDHC” rather than anticipated “SDXC” logo).

Furthermore you can think about the first picture from maker’s site and search for any distinctions. More often than not textual style sort is distinctive and arrangement is off.

On the off chance that you experience the accompanying issues:

Tainted information.

Continuous need to reformat.

Troubles with sparing records.

To a great degree lazy execution, particularly with huge documents.

The memory is blemished or fake.

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