Dash Cam Hd

Features To Look For In A Dashboard Camera:

Dashboard Camera Feature What It Means?
Video Resolution or Video Quality Higher video resolution, usually, means better video quality; hence choose a dash cam with at-least 720p (HD) resolution.
Night Time Video Quality A dash cam may record poor quality video in low light. That’s why check night time video samples on our website.
Small Size or Discreetness A dashboard cam must be really discreet; hence prefer smaller and black colored cameras.
Loop Recording Loop recording overwrites recorded video footage once disc space is full. However, marked video footages aren’t deleted.
G-Sensor (aka Motion Detection Sensor) G-Sensor marks video footage, as soon as it detects sudden braking or impact, so that loop recording doesn’t overwrite it.
Auto Switch On/Off This enables a dashboard cam to switch on/off with car ignition key; this prevents battery drain.
Parking Mode Recording The dash cam would start recording if it senses someone destroying your vehicle even if ignition is off.
Date and Time Stamp in Video Extremely crucial feature if video footage is used as evidence in a court case/legal matter.
Power Adapter Most dash cams come with long enough power cable that you can tuck away neatly so you don’t need to worry about this part.
Display Screen A display screen increases the size but makes it easier to view videos and manage a dashboard camera.
Global Positioning System (GPS) GPS records and embeds exact location and speed of vehicle with video. People find it to be very useful.
Single or Multi Channel While single channel camera records what’s ahead your vehicle; multi (dual) channel ones record what’s ahead and after your vehicle.
WiFi With WiFi you can control the dashboard camera via smart phone. You can even upload videos on the internet.