What is a Dashboard Camera?

dashboard (dashboard camera) is an onboard camera fitted at the front window of a car and used to record traffic incidents. Dashcams are widespread in around the world . Nations of Korea Taiwan and Russia are leading markets for on bard video techology as a form of road surveillance. Thousands of videos showing automobile crashes, close calls, and attempts at insurance fraud have been made. A quick youtube search for dash-cam videos would return hundreds on online videos. Everything from Meteor strikes in Chelyabinsk to bad parking lot drivers. Top Country for Dashcam interest is with out a doubt is Russia with estimated 45% of all cars equipped with on board video recording device.

2. What is an in-car camera?

WHAT IS A DASHBOARD CAMERA?An in-car camera (also known as a car ‘black box‘ or dashboard camera) is a compact electronic device that features a wide-range of features: front-facing camera, a GPS system (in better models) and digital video and audio recording. It starts automatically when the car is started powered directly from the cars voltage output, and records video, GPS data and other data (such as vehicle speed and G-forces) that it stores on a flash memory card. When an incident occurs (such as sudden braking, swerving or an accident), that data is logged and stored for later review.

3. What is a Car digital video recording device?

WHAT-IS-A-DASHBOARD-CAMERACar digital video recording device, a car DVRs or even accident recorders, are cameras mounted above your car’s dashboard that record the view through the windshield as you drive. Highly popular in Russia already, they are rapidly conquering the rest of the world. Vehicle dashboard camera dvr, car event data recorders nowadays are more and more popular used in cars, for recording vehicle traffic, accident, and some everyday normal things. Car DVR GPS, which is compatible with Google Map so you can view all GPS location information. That you have logged.


4. What is a Dash cam?

WHAT IS A DASHBOARD CAMERA?Dashboard Cameras is used for recording what happens to your car as evidences when coming across an accident. With a car accident dvr installed, you have a fool-proof way to insure yourself in case of vehicle accidents or incidents. Save money and prevent future headaches on the road by using a windscreen or dashboard mounted car video camera! When you are trying to purchase a auto camera there are some details you should pay attentions to. The most important point is the workmanship of the lens which has direct relation to the quality of the car video recorder. Now the latest HD player only supports the resolution of 1920 x 1080 which means 2 Mega Pixel will be enough for your car DVR. Second point is about the shooting angle. When a car passed from the front the DVR may have no way to shoot if the angle is too small. Nowadays the shooting angle of a car video recorder varies from 70, 90, 120, 140, 170 degree.