A Secure Digital (or SD) is a non-volatile memory card format for use in portable devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, GPS navigation devices, and tablet computers. Dashboard Cameras use Secure Digital Or SD removable flash memory cards for data storage. These flash memory cars come in different physical sizes and different internal storage capacity. Type of flash memory depends on the make and model of particular dashboard cam. Many dashcameras come with limited internal memory usually ranging from 10-50 megabytes, and it is used for internal buffer.

What Kind Of Storage Cards Do Dash Cams Use?

Dashboard Camera SD Storage Card Sizes:

The SD card specification defines three physical sizes. The SD and SDHC families are available in all three sizes, but the SDXC family is not available in the mini size, and the SDIO family is not available in the micro size.

 Standard size  Mini size  Micro size
 dashboard cameras sd card  dash-cam-Mini-SD-Card  sandisk microsd dashboard camera card

dashcam micro SD CardsMost cameras use SD or Micro SD cards, depends on your camera, with memory capacity anywhere between 2 GB and 64 GB. For high definition video recording, class 10 cards are recommended (capable of a 10 Mbit/second data rate).


Dashcamera SD Card Class Write Speed

I have used SanDisk and Kingston without any problems. Really any name brand Class 10 SD Card should be adequate. A class 6 card records at least 6Mbps. A class 6 card is the minimum. If your card happens to be a bit slower, lower speed cards will cause file errors, you will lose frames and video quality may suffer. This is why most recommend a class 10 card (10Mbps) since it is more than fast enough for this cam. Class 10 cards are more expensive then lower class one.

Dashboard camera SD Definition Class Minimum performance

  • Class 2 – 2 MB/s – 240p Video Quality
  • Class 4 – 4 MB/s – 360p Video Quality
  • Class 6 – 6 MB/s – 540p Video Quality
  • Class 10 – 10 MB/s – 720p – 1080p Video Quality *RECOMMENDED*

If your micro sd card is only recording 3-6 second loops:

If your SD card is only recording small 3-6 seconds and restarting after that with new file. This is because your micro SD card is not fast enough access speed for the dashboard camera to record on. It can be that your micro SD card is only at class 6 or lower. Solution is to replace your slower lower class micro SD card with a higher class such as class 10. Another solution is to lower the video quality of output video on the dashboard camera. You can always test you micro SD card with the bellow tool

Recommend Micro SD Card Size for Dashboard Camera:

Depending on your dashboard camera budget, size can vary from 16GB – 64Gb. A good size sd card for a dashboard cam is 32GB. 32GB Mirco sd card is the best choice for the price, giving you about 1-2hours of recording record untill its starts to delete or rewrite the earlier time.

Beware of COUNTERFEIT Fake bootleg flash memory:

There is plenty of counterfeit memory cards being passed off as genuine product. Most important if the card does not perform as stated write speed , the dashboard camera can suffer writing errors and will malfunction. With h2testw you can easily test a memory card for many different things. Including confirm memory size and write/read speed. You can test fake SD card actual size with the tool bellow:

DashBoard Camera Micro SD Memory Card Test Tool:

You can test your microSD card’s actual transfer rate with this free SD card Test tool utility :

  • H2testw 1.4 – “Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives”
  • You can also check for corrupted card as-well with this utility tool.

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