Many People Ask The Question : Why You Need a Car Camera?

Why You Need Car Camera?

Why You Need Car Camera? : Insurance Fraud

There are some unscrupulous people who will purposely cause an accident then blame the other party.  They may try to extort money from the victim or fake injuries to collect payment from insurance companies.

Why You Need Car Camera? : Parking Protection

Some dash cams offer a parking mode which records when your car is parked.  If someone smashes into your car and drives away, you will have evidence of the hit and run.  The dash cam must be hard wired into your vehicle for this to work.

Why You Need Car Camera? : Vehicle Abuse and Misuse

Do you ever worry about other people driving your vehicle?  When handing over your keys to a valet or mechanic, you will know exactly how your vehicle was treated.  If your kids drive the car, you can track how they are driving.  Dash cams with GPS will even provide the route and speed.

Why You Need Car Camera? : Report Bad Drivers

With roads getting busier, it seems that the number of bad drivers keeps increasing.  Video evidence from a dash cam can be used to report drunk drivers, distracted drivers, dangerous drivers and road rage incidents.  Many jurisdictions have programs in place to report bad drivers.  The dash cam video provides real proof of what happened.

Why You Need Car Camera? : How do they save you money?

If you have an accident you may lose both your insurance excess and your no-claim bonus. This can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. They are also ideal for disputing traffic infringements when you know you are in the right – there’s nothing like video evidence backed up with GPS-based speed data to prove your case!

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